Compassion Mala

Compassion Mala

SKU: 0002

I’m not just excited about this mala but so honoured to be able to include this prayer wheel from Nepal in it. Scripted with Om mani padme hum, the mantra of compassion, the wheel opens where the scroll is kept... ❤️🙏. The beads are green aventurine, working with the heart chakra to encourage regeneration, promote feelings of well being and a start! The lava beads are grounding, working with your root chakra, giving strength and courage to say the least. Dab essential oils on the beads for comfort and bliss. Each mala I create is one of a kind and as I knot each bead, I know I am creating this for someone in particular. I get so excited when I meet the person whom it eventually makes it’s way to as the connection of love is realized. ❤️ If this is you, find this mala on my website or contact me by message... namaste my friend


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