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dRSTi-Muscle Butter

dRSTi-Muscle Butter


Arnica has long been prized for its ability to ease many kinds of physical discomfort!

It helps soothe us through the discomfort of minor physical injuries, ease muscles, support the body’s natural healing processes, and restore a sense of health and strength.

Mango Butter is known to be rich in antioxidants and emollients as well as Vitamins A and E stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is a compound found in your skin and in the connective tissues that make up your tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Shea Butter, extremely rich in emollients, delivers key anti-inflammatory and anti-aging fatty acids right into the skin. Jojoba Oil, loaded with antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, and omega-6 fatty acids, soothe the skin and promote relaxation. Active ingredients of Menthol (5%) and Camphor (3%), help to stimulate the body’s natural functions to reduce pain and inflammation, thereby lessening discomfort and enhancing healing.

Essential oils of Angelica which has potent relaxing properties to relieve spasms and act as a natural pain reliever, Lavender to promote relaxation, Cinnamon Bark with its ability to dilate blood vessels helps enhance nitric oxide function, which causes increased blood flow and lower levels of inflammation and Clove to help improve circulation which in turn, soothes the muscle aches and pains.

Apply and massage as often as you like for long lasting relief