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Embrace Life Bracelet

Embrace Life Bracelet

SKU: 0008

In Tibet bones represent impermanence. When we contemplate that death is inevitable we begin to live our lives in the present moment. We realize that life is actually about serving others and loving all and we begin to experience and cherish everything it has to offer. The yak is a fearless animal and is respected for its life’s service to the people. The bones are made into beads to honour their passing and their continued service even as they leave this earth. I have also included Lava beads (auromatic diffuser beads) to ground you and Sandalwood which has an incredibly beautiful aromatic sent that calms the mind and stimulates awareness. 
Wear these beads as a talisman and to bring you back to the present each time your mind begins to wander to places that do not serve your highest good.


    This bracelet is roughly 7" and is a limited edition